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Career Development

We assist clients to identify and review their vocational and transferable skills, abilities, personal qualities, experience and values, which provide the basis for making realistic career decisions. Clients are assisted to explore options for re-focussing their career direction and future job search, leading to the development of an Action Plan.

Goal Setting and Action Planning

Clients are supported in identifying Goals and developing an Action Plan to achieve these Goals which may include further learning or direct job search.

Job Search Strategies

Clients benefit from understanding the job market (including the hidden Job Market), and discussing effective ways of contacting employers.

Résumé Development

Clients are coached in developing a focused résumé which shows how they can add value to an employer’s business. They will be shown how to adapt the résumé for different applications, and will be given a paper and electronic copy.

Application Letters

Clients are coached to interpret job advertisements and maximise their applications. They are assisted to develop a personal example of a good application letter which can be used as a guide in developing future applications.

Responding to Selection Criteria

Most positions within government and some community and private sector organisations require applications that respond to selection criteria. Clients are provided with assistance and coaching in how to prepare applications and maximise responses.

Interview Coaching

The job can be won or lost at the interview. Clients are walked through a range of interview formats from the formal to the informal, and learn how to anticipate what questions may be asked and how to answer them.

Support and Mentoring

Some clients may benefit from on-going support and mentoring during job search and after gaining employment.