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Thriving in Tough Economic Times

Many employers will be making hard decisions to survive the economic downturn, and may have two major challenges to face:

Restructuring and downsizing their business enterprise.

Retaining the commitment of valued staff.


One of the downsides of restructuring is the distress experienced by employees who lose their jobs. When redundancies are well managed, a selected package of outplacement services will enable departing employees to retain their dignity and goodwill, and focus positively on the next stage of their career. Poorly managed departures can leave a legacy of pain and ill-will towards the business that also demoralises remaining staff, making restructuring difficult.


Vector Consultants has eighteen years experience assisting businesses to effectively manage the redundancy process with empathy, and insight, helping displaced employees manage their sense of loss, undertake a SWOT analysis of what they have to contribute to the workforce in the future, and start planning to take advantages of opportunities.


We can plan a package of services that is tailored to the your budget, empowers departing staff, and assists remaining staff to respond to the re-structuring with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.



Departing Employees

Assistance may involve a review of past experiences in paid or unpaid work, formal and informal learning, qualifications, skills, interests, values, personal preferences, current commitments and constraints. The client is assisted to identify a number of occupations for discussion, examine opportunities in the current labour market, and plan a course of action for accessing work or preparing for employment through training or further education. Other services include the development of an effective job search strategy, recognition of employability skills and all aspects of job application (self-marketing) – résumé preparation, cover letters, responses to selection criteria, interview coaching and mentoring.


Remaining Employees

Following re-structure and downsizing remaining staff may benefit from early intervention career development services and team building.


Workforce Development

Retaining talent is a significant challenge for business and many businesses are looking to effective career development services to help employees identify where they can make the most satisfying contribution within the business. Employees need to feel that their work matters, and their contribution has meaning. Career development services may highlight the extent of transferable skills, identify further training, and assist employees to maintain a balance between work, learning and life roles.


Employers who are looking to develop their workforce are increasingly willing to provide more flexible working conditions for value-adding employees, and retain older workers with experience and corporate wisdom in a variety of roles, including mentoring and coaching.


Workshop Facilitation

Vector Consultants is experienced in assessing training needs in career development and designing, developing and delivering appropriate material in group workshops. We have experience in facilitating more than 300 workshops ranging from half day to six weeks duration for Federal and State Governments, the ADF, Job Network, community organisations and the private sector, covering a range of issues in staff development, career development and transition, civilianisation of ADF activities, labour market training, redeployment, and outplacement. These include courses on Leadership, Team Building, Change Management, Outplacement, Redeployment, Career Change, Résumé Writing, Job Search, Responding to Selection Criteria, Interviewing, Panel Interviewing, Conflict Management, Supervision and Guidance, Negotiation and Liaison, and Problem Solving,


 We are confident and experienced in working with management, technical, scientific, professional and general staff at all levels, as well as the unemployed and underemployed. We have a demonstrated an ability to work with large or small groups from similar and dissimilar backgrounds to develop strong group dynamics, and to work one-on-one with a strong coaching element. We are experienced in developing appropriate material, developing bridging material at short notice, or in delivering accredited material on behalf of partner organisations.