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Vector Consultants Is a Proprietary Limited Company. Since its foundation in 1991, Vector has provided services to Commonwealth and State Government Departments, non-government organisations, sporting organisations, private and community sectors, and to individual private clients. The Company has been continuously re-contracted since 1993 as a preferred South Australian provider of individual and group Redeployment and Resettlement Training to the Commonwealth Department of Defence. In addition, the Company has provided a range of career development and employment-related services to other Commonwealth and S.A. State Government departments, including Veterans’ Affairs, the Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU), the Bureau of Statistics, TransAdelaide, Institutes of TAFE, and local government, and has a growing list of commercial, community and private clients.



Over the last few years Vector has chosen to reduce its public profile and to work as a “boutique” operator committed to providing on-site services throughout the Adelaide metropolitan and Hills Regions. A major recent commitment has been to the establishment and support of a number of DFEEST-funded Career Development Centres throughout regional South Australia.